"Most families don't sit around the dinner table and talk about dying… They should." - Dr. Richard MacDonald, Sr. Medical Advisor, Exit International

  • 2014 | 45:00
  • Production Company Holgate Production House
  • Featuring interviews with Dr. Richard MacDonald, Alex Schadenberg, Wanda Morris, Dr. Will Johnston, Grace Pastine, Veronique Hivon, Udo Schuklenk and more...
  • Executive Producer David Holgate
  • Producer Bryan Woodruff
  • Narrated by Christopher Plummer
  • Directed & Edited by Ken Simpson


"A terrific, thought-provoking new documentary about assisted suicide… It is also fair and moving and guaranteed to make you think and rethink your impressions about the issue." John Doyle, The Globe & Mail

“Because it’s an important Canadian social issue, having an iconic Canadian actor narrate… was appropriate” - Playback Online

"Offers an independent and thought-provoking take on an issue that has only begun to unfold on the national stage." - VisionTV


The Trouble with Dying explores the complex social, political and ethical ramifications of decriminalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide from a uniquely Canadian perspective. Equal parts historical summary, investigative journalism and human interest story, "The Trouble with Dying" attempts to provide a contemporary primer for a controversial issue whose relevance increases with advancements in medical technology coupled with an aging population.