Be careful when fishing for compliments - not everyone takes the bait!

  • 2010 | 6:43
  • Starring Saffron Cassaday, Isaac Visaretis
  • Cinematography by Alex Dacev
  • Dialogue by Tomas Street
  • Produced, Directed & Edited by Ken Simpson

Ri-sip-ruh-keyt was made for the 2nd ViewPoint Film Challenge. The cinematographer Alex Dacev had just bought the Canon 5D Mrk II a few days prior to the shoot, so we only had one battery and one memory card.  We tried to keep the shoot as simple as possible, very little camera movement and very simple blocking. I'm extremely pleased with the final result.


Frame Grabs

Behind The Scenes Stills 


Only one song in this short but its a great one and well worth the 99 cents to add to your personal library!

Adapted ViewPoint Script

Because of the tight timeframe of the ViewPoint Film Challenge I knew I wasn't going to get any rehearsal time with Saffron and Isaac so I tried to put as much direction (including edit decisions) into the script as would allow.  Check it out, follow along and see how closely it resembles the final film! 

Russian Line Reading Reference 

A friend of mine put me in touch with a girl who had a Russian accent. I asked her to recite all of Saffron's lines into my iPhone, and I then edited them down and sent it off to Saffron so she could study the pronunciation. Incidentally, a joke was added into the film due to the specific way Julia pronounced the word recipo-crate, it was a nice bit of serendipity that tends to get the biggest laugh within the film. Listen to the original recording below!