After an ill-advised outburst gets wise-cracking Craig fired from his office job, he ends up agreeing to deliver a package for a man he barely knows. The mysterious delivery quickly turns to horror as Craig finds himself pursued by murder, mayhem and the mob.

  • 2013 | 88 minutes
  • Starring Anthony Greene, Jodi Behan, Leon Bearman, Brad Siciliano, Ken Olsen, Brian Scott, Isaac Visaretis, Saffron Cassaday, Anthony Alviano & Zorro
  • Cinematography by Alex Dacev
  • Written by Anthony Greene
  • Produced by Alex Jordan
  • Directed & Edited by Ken Simpson
  • Official Website: www.headcasethemovie.com


North American Premiere

Headcase made its North American premiere at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival on May 11th, 2013.  Later that year, the film played at the Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival and then went on to have an incredibly successful 10 day engagement at Big Picture Cinemas in Toronto.

Headcase: A Look Inside (A 12 part series)

In addition to Headcase, I created an expansive, hilarious and brutally candid 12-part making of series was created to document the successes and setbacks of making an ambitious $50,000 feature film. Learn more about that groundbreaking 12-part, making-of series HERE

Exclusive Clips:

Clip #1 "Repercussions"

Watch this 90-second clip featuring Anthony Greene & Leon Bearman, with Brian Scott and Isaac Visaretis looking on.


Clip #2 "Seventeen Seconds?"

Craig (Anthony Greene) desperately tries to convince his ex-girlfriend Jen (Saffron Cassaday) to help him lay low.


Clip #3 "Come back again!"

Katie (Jodi Behan) does her best to deflect Craig's (Anthony Greene's) advances.


Clip #4 "That's Weird"

Sean (Leon Bearman) recounts his wild goose chase for the elusive Pierre.


Frame Grabs

Behind the Scenes Stills


In addition to the phenomenal scoring of composer Matt Gates, Headcase features 17 songs from independent and established bands, from laser gun rap (The Killaz) and lo-fi indie rock (Blood on the Wall) to alt-country (Jerry Leger & The Situation) and Ska (Mitch Girio/The Stimulators).  


The great people over at Agency 71 did a fantastic job collaborating on the posters for Headcase.

Cast / Crew Profiles

These profiles were created exclusively for the limited seven-day Toronto engagement.