After failing to connect with a pretty girl on a streetcar, a young man happens upon a second chance to make a first impression.

  • 2009 | 8:52
  • Starring Anthony Greene, Saffron Cassaday
  • Dialogue by Tomas Street
  • Directed & Edited by Ken Simpson

"I know you have heard all the claims, people saying [they've made] the world's first iPhone film. The truth is, this is the world's first iPhone film." - Tony Myers, smartmoviemaking.com


Frame Grabs


Happenstance packs a lot of great tunes into its nine minute running time. Where else will you hear a short film that incorporates Belle & Sebastian, The Beatles, Neil Young and Gene Autry!  

Adapted ViewPoint Script

Read my adaptation of the first ViewPoint script. Notice at the end of the script I originally toyed with the idea of Anthony speaking the end credits out on camera… Luckily for everyone I dropped that idea (although we did shoot it)!

Raw Footage (1:23)

Happenstance is quite possibly the first narrative short ever to be filmed with an iPhone (3G).  In order to capture full motion video on that version of the iPhone it first had to be "jailbroken." The Cycorder App was used to record the video and the NetaTalk app was used to connect the phone to a computer in order to access the root directory of the phone so that I could transfer the footage. Below is some raw footage of Happenstance in all of its 384x288 glory, the actual size of the original source footage. Enjoy!