Here you can find links to audio, video & print interviews as well as guest blogs and podcasts that I've been a part of.


That Post Show

An informal conversation with industry experts about the art and science of filmmaking, visual effects & post production. Hosted by Kanen Flowers.


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  1. Ken Simpson, Director (1:17:08) - 12/31/2013

  2. Still a Headcase (1:17:02) - 03/24/2013

  3. Even More Headcase (1:13:27) - 02/04/2012

  4. Headcase Part One (1:32:44) - 01/12/2012

DSLR Video Shooter

Run by Caleb Pike, DSLR Video Shooter is dedicated to videographers and cinematographers who are striving to use HDSLRs for quality storytelling.



Video Interviews

Guest Blogs / Articles:

Occasionally I write guest blogs for other film-related websites on various topics.

  1. Top Ten Microbudget Tips (Chris Jones Blog)

  2. Making Films on a Budget (The Glocul Group)